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practicing background.png
sorry lovely followers but i’m not missing the opportunity of drawing my oc and his mega birb
anyway, the “90% of myself that believe that Dio would have Grass-type pokemon” are back *taking advantage of the canon shackles and using them as key stones huehe*
pokemiasobi: Yui, Hades, Apollon, Dionysus, Takeru, Tsukito, Akira, Loki, Balder, Thor, Thoth, Anubis, Zeus, Extra 1, Extra 2, Extra 3
meraguu whispered: Vector arts //shot//

Vectorizing Vector


Looks like someone is living the dream~
meraguu whispered: What do you use for your art?

Paint Tool SAI for digital painting and Adobe Illustrator cs5 for vector arts ^^

what is this? i’m making two posts in this blog in less than one hour?
Art Swap with massuneko - Original Post
because it has been ages since I wanted to draw this character and I just took the opportunity
in which my ‘practicing animation’ doodle I posted once in my other blog evolves to a ‘practicing animation’ vector